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Full range for great quality, obtained from the finest ingredients, expertise and inspiration. By co-designing with our top gelato partners or simply by innovating ourselves, we deliver unforgettable tastes.

Milk Ice Cream Bases

Together with the flavoring components, stabilizers represent the central part of a successful ice cream recipe.

Fruit Ice Cream Bases

Range developed to offer great creaminess to fruit ice cream and to assure the freshness, the flavor and authenticity.

Clean Label Bases

Special bases developed to fit the new “clean label” concept, made from natural ingredients and additive-free.

A Bit About Us

We are here since 1995 simply because we turned out passion for ice cream into our business mission. And that is to create every ingredient for an authentic original experience that only the best flavors and artisanal craft can get.

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Ice cream maker or a pastry chef? If you want to bring your technique to the next level, fine tune your craft & line of products and flavors with our shared knowledge.


Best Flavors for Great Quality

Competence Center

Our philosophy moves us towards making the best & highest quality flavors for artisans all around the world. Visit our Competence Center – a platform for exchanging experiences, knowledge and applications.